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web developers near me


Founded in 2018,  brel is a UK & India – based website creation agency as web developers Our company skills in the digital world evolve in parallel with new technologies.

Within our web developers, we support our clients at every stage: structuring, design, hosting, natural or paid to reference. Our portfolio is full of our diversified achievements: fluid connections between the elements of your web portal, ease of use, and incomparable originality and modern aesthetics.

Web developers


The solutions proposed are therefore designed to comply with financial and marketing constraints.

Our goal is to ensure that the options available to you are fully compatible with the nature of your activities.

The functionalities, the settings, the scalability, are all part of our main concerns.
Our agency has promised to support you and assist you step by step towards the ultimate creation of your website.

Do you prefer a product or service exhibition site? A site dedicated to online learning?

A digital business platform? Or simply a friendly space conducive to a high traffic forum?


Look no further than our team, do not waste your energy, we are the expert’s Web developers most sustainable and developing custom web application.

By referring to the challenges involved, issues of size, and the nature of the market you plan to tackle, we will use the potential of our assistants and collaborators and take advantage of our completed projects, with the sole aim of standing out from the crowd.

Are you wondering what web development is? Well, today we are here to make you understand in detail what is what everyone calls web development or the development of a web project.

But be careful because web development does not only include the creation of a website but also the interfaces between company information systems and everything concerning the network and obviously the web app sector.


The three types of web developers

Depending on the role and knowledge of the web developer, there are three types of jobs in web development. These are the Front End, the Back End, and the Full Stack.

The front part

The Front End developer takes care of the appearance of the site. In other words, he is responsible for the design of the interface that directly contacts users. His work focuses on the visual: fonts, dropdowns, buttons, transitions, sliders, contact forms, etc. Master the programming languages ​​for the development of static websites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

The back part

If the Back End consists of the interactive part, the Back End developer is responsible for managing the internal part of the site or an application. The proper functioning of this depends on your work and you must be very meticulous; a single mistake can bring down the system. You must have knowledge of different programming languages ​​such as PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, C, C #, C ++, Rust, Go, etc.

The full stack

A Full Stack web developer can do it all; dominates both the Back End and the Front End. “Stack” is a term for different languages. Since the Full Stack developer is proficient and experienced in all aspects of website or mobile app development, he is known as the “polyglot” of computing. He represents the entire web development business and has a wide field of experience.

However, if your project is large and you need a Back End and Front End developer, it is more advisable to hire two different people. The Full Stack Developer is efficient for the smallest projects.

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What is the role of web development in company in bangalore?

Technological advancements have made having a website a priority for businesses today. In fact, according to statistics, about 80% of companies that did not have a website have gone bankrupt. Wondering why it is important to have a website on the Internet? Discover the benefits.

The advantages of having a website for a company

A good means of communication

Internet is the best form of communication and the reference medium most used by the public. The first reflection of people when they want to know more about your products or services will be to consult the Internet. Thanks to your website and social networks, your client will have easy access to your information, they can easily communicate with you at any distance.

Facilitates the marketing strategy

The content of your website allows you to attract the customer’s attention. The more attractive the site, the more interested they will be. People access different guidelines for their new items, try them out, and then buy them online. In this way you will get a larger audience and you will be able to promote your article.

Reduce communication costs

Creating a site to communicate with your customers is really cheap. Using the services of the web developer, web designer, and other content creators, you will optimize your interface so that the site itself acts as an advertisement. This will cost you less than different ad campaigns and other media.

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Why and how to work as a web developer?


The advantages of the web developer

With new technologies, the professions of the web are among the most practiced. Lovers of coding and programming have every interest in becoming web developers because:

  • Study or training time in web development is short.
  • Web programming has an ever-active job market.
  • It is an innovative profession.
  • The individual is free to choose the framework in which he will work: alone or in a company.
  • It is an exciting job where you can always learn new things.
  • Web developers are entitled to an interesting salary.

Steps to become a web developer

To become a developer and write a website or create web programs, knowing HTML is not enough. It is necessary to master the use of technologies, that is, of computer tools, to know how to handle application software as well as website software. In addition to knowledge, you have to acquire technical skills to do web development.

The three steps to success as a web developer:

  1. Choose a language: We do not use the same language for the development of a mobile application, an Internet application, or the development of a website. Developer specialization in Front End, Back End or Full Stack will be decided based on the chosen language. For starters, HTML and CSS are best suited. Some say that they are not languages ​​as such, but that they are the basis of programming.
  2. Learn the language: Once you have chosen the language, you have to start studying it. No matter how busy you are in class or at work, you should always take the time to learn. However, it is always best to seek the help of a web development expert for further advice.
  3. Go ahead and practice: Whether the web developer apprentice is studying programming to become a web engineer or is self-taught, practice is always important. You have to practice the language you have already learned and, why not, learn another.

Therefore, whoever wants to dedicate himself to web development must study computer languages.

What is computer language?

Computer language is the technical language designed for programming computer tools. It is through him, by writing the lines of code, that you can dialogue with them and give them instructions, allowing them to function.

There are different types of web programming languages ​​to define these instructions and they are used for specific purposes. Knowing them is essential for anyone who wants to become a web developer, but also for you if you are looking for a development expert for a specific project.

Programming languages ​​for a static website

The most popular programming languages ​​are HTML and CSS, which is accompanied by JavaScript to optimize your site or web applications. They are mainly used in the creation of a static website and are very useful for the Front End developer.


They are complementary. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the language that structures your web page. The web developer uses it to integrate external links and other elements by connecting to a web server. However, it is not relevant enough for websites with a large number of pages.

On the other hand, Cascading Style Sheets provide the visual part of your websites. One of its versions, CSS3, helps to establish the digital interface design technique that allows adapting the display of web pages on any screen: responsive design.

Java script

It is the programming language that adds interactive elements to web pages. It is activated when a customer opens the web page in their browser and improves the user experience. It is a language called interpreted and its use by the Internet user is completely safe. However, an outdated browser may not support it.

Programming languages ​​for a dynamic website

PHP and Ruby are “server” languages ​​used by the Back End developer. It is used to create and develop dynamic websites where data is stored and managed.


PHP is also a scripting language but used on the server-side. It can be associated with HTML and allows good communication between the page and the webserver. PHP is compatible with different types of databases and operating systems.


It is a widely used language, especially among beginners in web development. It is easy to learn and operate, you just have to practice continuously to get used to it and progress.


SQL or Structured Query Language is a language used by web developers to manipulate a database. The database is what allows the web developer to record various information and statistics in an organized and hierarchical way.

Parallel to SQL, there are the DBMS or Database Management Systems that store your data. The best-known programs are the open source MySQL, MariaDb, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Programming languages ​​for a mobile application

The languages ​​used in creating and optimizing mobile applications are now widely used by mobile users. You just have to choose the right programming language for your mobile application project.


do not mix it with the programming language for web pages. Java is reserved for developing a native mobile app on an Android device, but it is easier to run on an iOS or Windows operating system. And before you start developing any application, you need to know the difference between the Java virtual machine, the Java development kit, and the Java runtime environment. An expert web developer mainly uses the JDK.


It is an open-source programming language created by Apple to develop applications for iOS and Mac. Swift has documentation and resources for experts and students.

C #, C or C ++

It is an old language used in programming since 1970. It has evolved over time and its C # and C ++ variants are adapted for beginners, having adapted to new languages ​​and new technologies.

Programming languages ​​for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already present in most of your devices, such as your computer and your smartphone. It is increasingly associated with web services and has allowed the establishment of new programming languages.

Java and Python

These are the most used. Java is slower, unlike Python which is fast and lightweight. On the other hand, although Python is comfortable and compatible with many operating systems, it cannot be used to develop an AI in a mobile application.

Julia and Scala

Julia and Scala are new languages ​​that are already growing considerably. Julia is almost as easy to master as Python, while Scala has a syntax close to Ruby and is as stable as Java. They are recommended for those who want to become web developers with a little head start.

You can also adapt the responsive design to your interface by requesting the help of one of the agencies advised by Sortlist, need web developers near me

How is the creation of a website done?

When you have a project to build a website or web application and you want to entrust the work to someone with the necessary skills and technical knowledge, be sure to follow the steps below to keep your collaboration running.

  • The briefing: Make an inventory of your ideas: why you started the project, how you are going to proceed and the content of the web you are going to create. You will need application software.
  • Zoning: the first stage of the visual part of your project. Decide the layout of the different functionalities of your website.
  • The layout: Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are the necessary tools in this phase. You need to provide your web developers with the elements to put on your site so they can get an idea of ​​what you expect from it.
  • The development and testing phase: When your mockups are ready, it’s time to integrate them and set up the interactive elements on your site. The use of PHP or JavaScript is recommended. It is also important to proceed with a trial period, putting yourself in the position of the Internet user to test the site and see what needs to be corrected.
  • Going online: Once the errors have been corrected and the latest modifications have been added, it is time to put your site online. But first, make sure your site is hosted on a secure web host.

If you have a web development project and you don’t know much about HTML or you have difficulty writing the source code, look for an agency on Sortlist.

How to recognize a good web development company?

If you need someone to write a website or create an application, there are communication agencies that specialize in web development company in bangalore and content creation for these programs. They also advise on animation and web marketing. These are the web agencies. But how do you find the right one? Once you have established your specifications, consider these criteria.

Web development company in Bangalore

Criteria to take into account when choosing your web agency

The experience

The quality of the services of a web agency cannot be measured by years of experience. Rather, it is the number of projects it has carried out, its evolution based on the new technologies used. A versatile portfolio is your best asset.


Your ability to understand your needs and meet your expectations is what the experience of a web agency indicates. They will take the time to verify and study your application. You can try to contact several agencies and compare them before deciding. Also, the best agencies always respect deadlines.

Cost of services

There is no guarantee that an agency offering high prices will be the most experienced and efficient, nor is it advisable to go for more affordable prices. The appropriate agency will offer you services at a price commensurate with the quality of the service.

The relationship with the client

When working with a web development agency, the collaboration can last several weeks or months. Therefore, it is essential to have a good relationship with your supplier, in a professional environment of course. Do not hesitate to read the opinions of former clients that they have left on your website.

Trust us to offer you agencies that are experts in web development.

Why use the web services of an agency?

Unless you are a development expert and have mastered all web development tools, using a web agency will be more beneficial for you.

Creation and maintenance of your website with additional services

The web agency will help you not only in the creation of your site but also, according to the agreement, in the management of the site and its content. The team can take care of infographics, advertising management, web marketing, and community management, SEO of your site, etc.

Implementation of an effective and tailored communication strategy

Your web agency offers you the possibility of finding solutions adapted to the needs of your company. You benefit from personalized services to optimize your interface, tailor it to your target clientele and avoid any errors that may drive your audience away. The agency will also advise you on the implementation of your marketing strategy, very useful in the context of communication.

Time and cost savings

If you entrust the creation of your site or its application to a newbie, you risk paying dearly for mistakes and, above all, you would waste a lot of time. Using the right web agency helps you minimize costs and save time in carrying out your project.



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