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what is website maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance regularly checks your website for issues and errors and keeps it up to date and relevant. To retain and retain customers, large and small businesses need to maintain a well-maintained and attractive website.  Regularly updating and maintaining your website is important to ensure that your website is working to its full potential.  By maintaining your website properly . you can keep the site safe, increase the number of new visitors, increase the traffic again, and much more. Like cars, websites need to be maintained to function properly.  By maintaining your website properly, you can keep the site safe, increase the number of new visitors, increase the traffic again, and much more.

Outsource website maintenance

Just like choosing the right web design partner, the choice of the partner who will take care of the website maintenance is also important.

So think carefully about this, and make sure you make good agreements. Possibly the person who builds your website can also take care of the website maintenance afterward.

Website maintenance is more than pushing the update buttons behind the scenes. Therefore, choose a partner who knows what he or she is doing, even in unexpected situations such as a breakdown or a hack.

And that he reports what work has been carried out.

For example, I recently experienced that an entrepreneur paid more than a year for monthly website maintenance, while in reality nothing was done.

The result was a hack and a website that constantly crashed due to the fact that outdated themes and plugins conflicted. So carefully choose that partner for website maintenance.

Website Maintenance Plan

website maintenance plan

A website maintenance plan is exactly what it looks like: an ongoing plan to maintain and support your website.  Most people need more in-depth work than they need to spend time doing well.  Therefore, they turn to outside agencies or digital marketing providers to maintain their website for them.  Once you are ready to invest in a website maintenance plan, it is important to pay close attention to what is involved and discuss it if necessary. 

This means it can include as many or as few services as you want.  The most common elements of a website maintenance plan include routine website and server maintenance, continuous improvement, and website coding.  Your web hosting partner should be more than just a provider.

They should act as an extension of your team.  You should also take the time to fully understand your business and goals so that they can offer updates and recommendations that will improve your website and ultimately your business.  However, at the end of the day, you will find a partner with whom you can build trust and strong communication.

What is a Website Maintenance Service?

Website maintenance services include all activities to monitor website issues and fix them as soon as they are discovered.  Ensure that the website remains active without affecting the user experience and/or timeliness.  Web maintenance services for your company

With every online search, 50% of users discover a new company, product, or service.  They visit your website, discover your products, browse your services and get a first impression of your company.  This first impression can make or break the next sale of your business.  For today’s businesses, this fact makes website maintenance a top priority.

As your partner, we offer your company a custom and comprehensive website maintenance plan that will help provide your company with a faster, safer, and smoother online experience.  In addition, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer turnkey solutions to maximize the performance of your website.

our company’s online presence.  People visit to find out more about your business, find your contact information and buy your products.

If your website is not working properly or is outdated, you may miss important opportunities such as new leads and sales.

Since 5% of impressions are related to web design. there are times when your website is not up to date.  If you are an e-commerce company and your e-commerce functionality is low, users will not be able to buy your products.

Proper maintenance of the website will help to prevent these problems.  In this post, you will learn what website maintenance is, what it involves, and how to improve your business.  Why is it so important ?


Website Maintenance Proposal

A web design proposal is a document that you can use to sell your work to consumers. A proposal is a joint application from businesses and individuals looking for website design services.  A maintenance proposal is a formal document that is presented to a user by the maintenance provider.  This includes the terms and conditions, the scope of services, and details of maintenance service payments.


Suggestion Outline The company’s proposed maintenance solution for your website.  In the following sections, you will find information about specific services and payment terms that we deem appropriate based on past discussions with you.

After carefully reviewing this suggestion, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we encourage you to post a comment on the right side of your screen.  I am automatically notified of comments and can respond immediately.


Benefits of Offering Website Maintenance Services to Users

You already know the importance of maintaining sites properly. From repairing broken links and monitoring security to updating themes and plugins, site performance depends on regular maintenance. These are things that you are well aware of. Your clients, however, may not be.

There are many benefits to offering website maintenance services to your clients. First of all, it ensures that the site you have worked so hard to build continues to perform. This reduces the risk of something breaking due to improper maintenance while lightening your customer support requests .

Maintenance may include minor or major changes to the website due to changing requirements. Major changes include additional information/graphics, rearrangement of pages, and changes to graphics due to change requirements. The major changes that affect the entire website will require a new project agreement.

Advantages of a maintenance package

  1. A maintenance package offers the possibility to work with lower rates, which in turn yields savings.
  2. You can use maintenance hours for extra maintenance work and on other activities
  3. You know exactly where you stand and you can always contact your reliable web design partner.
  4. Clear agreements are made about the processing times of your desired adjustments.
  5. A cheap solution to guarantee the quality of your website.

What is covered by your maintenance contract?

  1. Textual changes of already existing pages.
  2. Removing or adding images to existing pages.
  3. Creating new e-mail addresses.
  4. Expand the website with new menu items or web pages.
  5. Installing a security update on your website. Providing telephone support in the event of a change or expansion of your website.
  6. Consultancy from the office (telephone & remote assistance)
  7. Consultancy on location (excluding travel costs and time)

Which tasks can occur in the periodic maintenance of your company website?

Tasks that frequently occur in maintenance agreements are:

  1. Maintenance of the servers to ensure that the website remains accessible and secure;
  2. Providing and timely renewal of an SLL certificate for the encryption of the communication that visitors enter in forms;
  3. Maintenance of the database and periodic backups so that no important data is lost;
  4. Updates or upgrades to new versions of the CMS, themes or source code; Updates and checks with regard to the existing plug-ins or extensions;
  5. Implementation of new security techniques or configurations;
  6. Monitoring and blacklisting of IPs in brute force attacks;
  7. Monitoring KPIs such as bandwidth consumption,…

In addition, maintenance can also be combined with extra (marketing) performance such as performing SEO checkups, writing blogs (or the final editing thereof), offering telephone assistance, assistance via e-mail or providing personalized reports. .

What are the risks if your company website doesn’t have a maintenance routine?

  1. You are at increased risk of hacking by cybercriminals who usually attack websites fully automated and randomly. An example is the data breach at Marriott and more recently the data breach at the Belgian data learning platform Datacamp, in which the personal data of 700,000 users were offered on the dark web for less than 50 euros.
  2. Has your company website been hacked? Then it can be used to send spam into the world or to attack other computers, for example by means of ransomware.
  3. When your website gets infected with malware, it will have an immediate effect on your site’s ranking in Google and other search engines. Your website will then be harder to find.
  4. You run the risk of reputational damage if your website is infected with malware.
  5. After all, browsers can warn surfers when an infection is found that will cause visitors to leave your website.
  6. Your domain name may be blacklisted and business emails may be labeled as spam. As a result, there is a risk that e-mails no longer arrive.
  7. It could even be that your website or its functionalities are completely blocked.
  8. Not having an SSL certificate means that completed forms (eg in combination with overdue maintenance) can be intercepted, which may indicate a data breach.

As you can see, the risks of a website that is not up-to-date cannot be underestimated and proper maintenance can prevent a lot of misery.

So, should you maintain your website?

More and more companies are aware of the importance of regular maintenance of the company website. Thanks to a strategic plan of approach, the website remains easily accessible under all circumstances.

During the first contact, we will discuss what the maintenance plan looks like and what professional support is needed to achieve the best results.

To summarize: what is website maintenance and what is it Important?
  1. It keeps your website ranking technically in top shape;
  2. your website remains functional (up and running);
  3. it keeps out people with bad intentions;
  4. you protect your valuable data and you reduce the risk of data leaks;
  5. your website is displayed faster by search engines to potential customers or users;
  6. threats are proactively detected and resolved;
  7. and as we well know… repair costs much more than prevention!
Need help?

How is the health of your website? Have a website check performed and you will receive an insightful report about the reliability and security of your website. Contact Us

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